October 23, 2012

By: Andrea K. Robson


To all my female countrymen who are still undecided…. Early voting has begun, and I would like to say a few things to you before you cast that vote.

As a woman, I find it insulting that Obama and his campaign team truly believe that the only thing that matters to me or any woman is whether or not she is able to get free birth control, or free abortions. Really! Women have fought for a long time to be seen as intelligent human beings, as capable of dealing with anything life throws at them! We burned our bras, and demanded to be treated with respect and not just as a pair of breasts and a nice round bottom! And yet, that is precisely the way the Democrats and Obama look upon woman today….it’s all about, our “lady parts” and our vaginas with them!

As women we run our homes as seamlessly as any CEO, hell, we are CEO’s! We multitask, between our jobs and our families keeping many balls in the air at once. What matters to us is not our “lady parts” and our vaginas, what matters to us, is the price of a gallon of milk, the price of a loaf of bread, the price of peanut butter! Have you been grocery shopping lately? It’s enough to cause anyone to suck air or have an attack of apoplexy!  What matters to us, is what will the grocery bill be the next time we go grocery shopping? Can we afford to purchase the school pictures this year, or will that be just one more thing that has to be given up, to make ends meet! What matters to us, is the fact that many people are still swimming in debt and the housing market is still in a mess, with no signs of reviving any time soon. What matters to us, is the fact that 8.2 million fellow American’s have given up even looking for work altogether during the Obama term!

What matters to women is the number of American’s on food stamps has raised by 18.7 million, reaching an all-time high of 43.6 million individuals and families receiving (SNAP), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. What matters to us, is the price of a gallon of gas! The fact that in some cases, depending on where we live, $10 dollars does not even get us a 1/4 tank of gas!! Images of the Weimar Republic keep dancing through my head, as the parallels between 1924 Germany and present-day United States are cause for concern. Then add to this already nightmarish mix, the National Debt of $16,210,918,277,827.84 and counting and the need for oxygen becomes necessary!

Our paychecks are shrinking, our household budgets are shrinking, and Obama is perpetuating this false notion and narrative that it is all about our vaginas! Seriously! I for one am well and truly over the whole “lady parts” and vagina BS that Obama and his campaign team continue touting, and I resent the hell out of the President of the United States, flaunting my vagina as the most important issue for me as a woman!

So ladies, I am asking you to stop and use your brain, and NOT your Vagina before you cast that vote! Think about your children’s future, the legacy you leave behind. Well they thank you or curse you for the decision you make on November 6th?


Copyright 2012




About andreakrobson

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." ~ Isaac Asimov I am a strong, honorable, honest American G-Ma (grandmother), with a great sense of humor (seriously, you need a sense of humor these days!), who loves my country! I am concerned for my grandchildren's future, and the future of the Republic. I am a writer and blogger and my desire is to spread the truth! Welcome to my little corner of the WORLD!
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  1. Great article. You are right but it is not just the women, all Americans need to wake up before we loose the rest of our freedom.

    Art Noel

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