ARTICLE USED ABUSEDPicture the scene if you will. A little girl of 13 years runs away from home. Not the type of home that your daughter or granddaughter lives in, but a place called The Settlement Home for Children, a holding place for young children waiting to be placed in foster care.

So this little girl is not throwing a temper tantrum because mommy and daddy did not get her the latest iPhone, or iPad. No, she is running away from a life of being passed from pillar to post, from one foster home to the next.  With no place she can all “home,” no family she can rely upon to be there for her come hell or high water. Have you got that picture in your mind yet?  So she runs away from what she perceives as no life at all.

This little girl begins to hitch-hike and she is picked up by three men, she does not know who take her to a nearby apartment complex, where 10 other men are waiting, and where this little girl’s life changes forever. Over the course of several hours, one by one, each man takes his turn with her, mounting her little body, some even cheer their compatriots on as this little 13 year-old girl is gang raped, over and over and over again. While still others take out their cell phones to record their little party for time and all eternity.  This little girl is all alone, no one is looking for her, and no one is coming to help. There are no frantic parents sitting by the phone waiting for the police to ring, no desperate pleas from an overwhelmed mother, or a despondent father. No, this frightened little girl is all alone, up against these 13 grown men. This horrifying attack continues throughout the night and into the morning, her little body used and abused. In the morning, after the man had their fill of her, one was kind enough to let her use his cell phone so she could call her foster-brother for help; he refused to help her.

Astonishingly, according to reports, these men had the sympathy and compassion to drive this little girl to a nearby neighborhood and kicked her out of the car telling her she needed to find somewhere else to go. You see they had their fill of her. They had used her up and simply discarded her. After some time wondering in the neighborhood, she was subsequently picked up by a woman, who took her to a nearby apartment complex, where another man was waiting for her. Once again, this little 13 year-old girl was sexually assaulted.

58ac4a096d3f5eb3d361892978c29998Out of the 13 men who gang raped this little girl, two have been arrested. What the AP has failed to report is that all 13 men are illegal Hispanic immigrants; the other 11 illegal immigrant men are still at large.

Is this is the level we have allowed our society to stoop? Is this what we have become, is this is who we are now? We spend time crucifying an innocent man like George Zimmerman, who was found not guilty and yet we allow these animals to get off scot-free without any National Head Lines.

No outrage, and no special news conference held by President Obama insisting that justice be done for this little girl. No mention that this could have been his little girl, his 14-year-old daughter. Where are the likes of Al Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson? Why aren’t they splattered across our televisions screens shouting about the injustice done to this little girl?

obama_trayvon_martin_35_years_ago_race_speechPresident Obama got on national television and spoke several times about Trayvon Martin, and how Trayon could have been him, or had he had a son it would have been Trayvon. Well Mr. President, you have a daughter just turning 14, and this little girl who was brutally ganged raped by 13 men over 24 hours, could have indeed been your little girl.

Where is your indignation, your outrage now Mr. President?

Trayvon Martin’s death has provoked sustained national outrage and anger, and yet the vicious and brutal gang rape of this little 13 year-old girl gets barely a mention!?   Why? Could it be because all 13 men are illegal Hispanic immigrants, and with the Gang of 8 pushing their immigration agenda, well, this sort of news would only cause delay?


Never mind what this little girl has had to endure at the hands of illegal immigrants, who, had ICE been allowed to do their job and our boarders been secured; these men quite possibly would have been deported and this little girl spared, who is to know?

We live in a society that no longer values life, that places more importance, more value on things and objects rather than on people and individuals; where sexting and tweeting half-naked “selfies” is an accepted national pass-time. Where lying and deception has become an art form and where a 13 year-old little girl can be sexually used, abused and discarded, without so much as a mention.

I no longer recognize my country, and I’m not sure I want to any more.


By: A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013


About andreakrobson

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." ~ Isaac Asimov I am a strong, honorable, honest American G-Ma (grandmother), with a great sense of humor (seriously, you need a sense of humor these days!), who loves my country! I am concerned for my grandchildren's future, and the future of the Republic. I am a writer and blogger and my desire is to spread the truth! Welcome to my little corner of the WORLD!
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