406027_10151626987813508_592399905_nPresident Obama,

Where to begin, I am so angry with you I am struggling to find the words that will adequately convey to you the depth of my anger, disgust and repugnance toward you at this moment. How dare you shut down the War Memorials and prevent our WWII, Korean, and Viet Nam Veterans from visiting these memorials. You are behaving like a spoiled petulant child, not as the President and Commander-in-Chief. But then, you have absolutely no concept or understanding as to what that role entails. Only having the experience of a Community Organizer under your belt, you would not have any idea how a Commander-in-Chief should behave or how a President should respond to a stressful situation. That would require honor, dignity and strength of character, none of which you possess, nor have the slightest understanding or inkling.

I find it rather amusing that you would liken yourself to Abraham Lincoln, as you do not possess one quality in common with this great man, especially the attributes he possessed as a Commander-in-Chief, which I will share with you here:

Capacity to Listen to Different Points of View:

Abraham Lincoln created a climate where Cabinet members were free to disagree without fear of retaliation. At the same time, he knew when to stop the discussion and after listening to the various opinions, make a final decision.

You have made it your personal ambition to punish anyone who disagrees with your perspective and/or decisions. Points being, your current punishment of our Veterans, and the American People by shutting down all States Parks and War Memorials, because you are not willing to negotiate at all. Instead you have dug your heels in and like a spoiled child who wants what he wants, when he wants it and how he wants it. That is not the trademark of a good leader, but that of a dictator; Hitler comes to mind here. You have used the NSA to spy on members of the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court to ensure they toe the line, or suffer the consequences of your wrath. You spy on the citizens, and use the IRS as your personal Gestapo, to go after those who disagree with your politics and policies. Again Hitler comes to mind here.

Ability to Learn on the Job:

Lincoln was able to acknowledge his errors and mistakes learn from them, and then move. In this way, Lincoln established a culture of learning in his administration, said Kearns Goodwin.

Unlike Lincoln, you Mr. President have not accepted any responsibility whatsoever for your failings and shortcomings, but rather continually place the blame on others! For 5 years we have heard how every one of your disastrous mistakes was the fault of either President Bush, the Republican’s, or even the Worlds fault!  Not once have you accepted responsibility, for your bad policies; that President Obama could be viewed as a pathological flaw in your character, again Hitler comes to mind here.

Willingness to Share Credit for Success:

In response to concerns expressed by friends about the actions of some of his Cabinet members, Lincoln stated that the “path to success and ambition is broad enough for two” said Kearns Goodwin. When there was success, Lincoln shared the credit with all of those involved.

The only thing you are willing to share with others is your wretched, catastrophic mistakes, shortcomings and personal failings. But then to do even that, you would first have to accept responsibility for them and we have already determined that you are not capable of such an attribute. You are far too self-centered, and self-absorbed to share anything positive with anyone else. Just as you claimed full responsibility for the killing of Osama bin Laden and giving absolutely no credit to Seal Team 6, who did the work, while you were too busy on the golf course honing your swing.

Willingness to Share Blame for Failure

When mistakes were made by members of his Cabinet, Lincoln stood up for them said Kearns Goodwin. When contracts related to the war effort raised serious questions about a member of his administration, Lincoln spoke up and indicated that he and his entire Cabinet were to blame.

Just as Lincoln was able to share defeat and failure, you would first have to acknowledge that you have made a mistake or that you have shortcomings and again we have established that you are not capable of such an act, so there is no real need to expound any further.

Awareness of Own Weaknesses

One of the weaknesses acknowledged by Lincoln was his tendency to give people too many chances and because he was aware, he was able to compensate for that weakness. For example, George McClellan, Commander-in-Chief of the Union Army, refused to follow directives about the war effort. Lincoln eventually set a deadline and eventually removed McClellan from the position.

Again, we have established that you are not capable of recognizing your own weaknesses; in your mind you are perfect, you have all the answers, and you know best what needs to be done. Therefore you lack the ability to recognize your weaknesses to the detriment and damage of your personal life, the military and to the American citizens. You are completely incapable of seeing that you do not have all the answers, and your unwillingness to admit defeat, well, again Hitler comes to mind here as well.

Ability to Control Emotions:

According to Kearns Goodwin, Lincoln treated those he worked with well. However, at times he did get angry and frustrated. So he found a way to channel those emotions. He was known to sit down and write what he referred to as a “hot letter” to the individual he was angry with and then he would set the letter aside and not send it. If he did lose his temper, Lincoln would follow-up with a kind gesture or letter to let the individual know he was not holding a grudge.

Well, I can assure you that the majority of American’s have witnessed your anger, your sharp, serpent like tongue, and jabs at those you so clearly despise and hate. You make your feelings known right up front. Instead of taking the high road, instead of tempering your emotions, as most great leaders do, you not only hold a grudge, but you actively pursue those you despise and hate; using the NSA, the IRS and any other governmental organization at your disposal. Once again Hitler comes to mind. Isn’t it remarkable the close resemblance and likeness you appear to have with that infamous evil Dictator, merely an observation Mr. President, but if the shoe fits?

Go Out into the Field and Manage Directly:

According to Catherine L. Moreton’s article, during the Civil War, many soldiers died and there were many ups and downs. Lincoln established lasting connections with the troops by visiting the battlefield and hospitals, which also helped bolster morale.

Lincoln also spent time talking with members of the public, taking ‘public opinion baths’ according to Kearns Goodwin. He held public receptions and made a point of shaking everyone’s hand and speaking to each individual.

Well, it would first require you to come off the bloody golf course, and then it would require you to give a damn about someone else’s needs other than your own self-centered, self-absorbed needs, wants and desires. And when you do go out to the people, you do so as a candidate, rather than as the President. I remember when President Reagan wanted something, and felt it was important, he went to the people, explained what it was he wanted, how he felt it would help the country and the people and then asked the people for their help and support. You use the bully pulpit to berate, scold, criticize, and harangue anyone who stands in your way, or who disagrees with your policies.  You tell the American people what you feel is best, and what you are going to do, rather than seek opinions or attempt to find a middle ground. You make it quite clear that it is your way or the highway. No give and take, no compromise, just bullying.

So once again, there is absolutely no comparison here between you and Lincoln. You have nothing in common with this great man, not one thing.

No Mr. President, I am quite confident in my assessment, you have nothing in common with Abraham Lincoln. You have nothing in common with any of the great Presidents of this once great nation, because your character is seriously flawed, the only leader you seem to share many character traits, and qualities with, is Hitler; you are both megalomaniacs. You like Hitler suffer from delusions of grandeur, an obsession with grandiose or extravagant things, i.e., flying your dog to Martha’s Vineyard on one of two MV-22 Ospreys, a hybrid aircraft at the taxpayers’ expense.

The continual vacations you and the First Lady enjoy at the taxpayers’ expense, the extravagant parties held at the White House at the taxpayer’s expense.

I watched a documentary this morning called, “Vets Roll 2013,” and I cried, I cried because I was so irate, so furious with you, for what you are doing. I have tried to rationalize your behaviour, tried to give you the benefit of the doubt because you had a rough childhood. But then I think of what I use to tell the young offenders I worked with as a Social Worker, Pick a number and get in line. Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has had it rough. And having a rough childhood does not give you licence to behave like an ass, and Mr President, you are behaving like an ASS!

You lack the qualities, and the attributes necessary to be an inspiring great leader. You have been weighed, you have been measured and you have been found wanting!

When history writes about you, the first Black President, it well record that you were the President who destroyed the greatest Nation on the face of the earth, the only Constitutional Republic; that you forced generations into slavery and servitude to fulfil your own selfish desires. You will be remembered as a dictator, equal  only to Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

By: A.K. Robson

Copyright © 2013


About andreakrobson

"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." ~ Isaac Asimov I am a strong, honorable, honest American G-Ma (grandmother), with a great sense of humor (seriously, you need a sense of humor these days!), who loves my country! I am concerned for my grandchildren's future, and the future of the Republic. I am a writer and blogger and my desire is to spread the truth! Welcome to my little corner of the WORLD!
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  1. “You make it quite clear that it is your way or the highway. No give and take, no compromise, just bullying”

    Dear Andrea, now that Congress and Obama have been addressed, would you like to see the real root of Americas problems? I would ask for at least an hour of your undivided attention so you can prepare the 3rd and final installment of this trillogy because the final result will be WWIII if we don’t stop the real culprit. I know that you are up to the task as evidenced by the CBA / Mal-Administration article

  2. sky says:

    you give him too much credit..He is a bully……the other dictators had a plan……..he flies with unjust emotions. He is getting the attention he didn’t get as a child…….he is behaving like the stero-typical black man of the 50’s, who just won some money and went out and bought a Cadillac…….remember him? He got elected and then went on a spending spree….All the things he couldn’t do, before he is doing now on someone else’s dime……that is how he got where he is………on someone else’s dime…….. He has used taxpayers money like it belongs to him exclusively, with out apology but with arrogance. His wife sits in OUR house making crude remarks against our flag..and until he was elected, she didn’t find much about this country to be proud of…but she didn’t move our either………..they are the bad neighbors we all like to dislike.
    They are rude, obnoxious, arrogant and dishonest. they have surrounded themselves with bullies like themselves to protect them from honest, hard working Americans. Lying comes easy for them as is found in Benghazi, IRS, NSA and Amber Alert…….Does he think that Americans, even the ones who voted for him, won’t remember what he has done……….he is wrong. They are hurting too. He is not what they voted for……..they wanted leadership, there are enough bullies in their yards……..

  3. Phil says:

    whoever wrote didn’t use spell check……it’s the Korean War …..NOT the Koran War ….even tho it MAY be that someday……

    • Thank you Phil, I have corrected the spelling. Spell check was used, apparently it thought the spelling was okay…silly spell check. Once again thank you for bringing that to my attention. ;o.}}

  4. Clay Dethlefsen says:

    Extremely well said!

    However, are we looking at the right picture and assessing correctly what this President is really painting? Is it a mistake to just assess the obvious message of the surface image and call it a complete vision, or should we be digging in depth to determine if something much more sinister and destructive is going and has been going on?

    The truth and complete accuracy of what you have written is prima fascia evidence, i.e. self evident! However, it appears that this President wants us, one and all, to concentrate on the surface of this painting. But why?

    For the sake of furthering the examination of the Barrack Obama “But Why” lets postulate that he is about more than meets the eye.

    We know that there is a grand movement a foot to create a one world order, i. e. one world ruled by one government. In this context the overriding question is: How do you create such?

    First you dismember and neuter any existing government that could stop such a thrust, and concurrently you align and empower those individuals and groups that will create and operate such a one world dictatorship–is this the current thrust of the United Nations???. Do we have this going on now??

    All rational assessments say yes. All rational assessments say that what is going on in the United States under the autocratic dictating of Barrack Obama is rapidly destroying the values, the foundation, upon which our founding Father’s established our Republic and democratic way of governing, as well as our ability to function within these concepts.

    So then comes the hard lined question, Why, why us?

    The answer is simple. We are, still, the only Nation capable of stopping the creation of such a One World/New Order.” An order where the government, run by the financially elite, can ignore all human rights while campaigning with hollow rhetoric as if the opposite was the goal. Campaigning as if the savior of the world was the campaigner, and of course Obama has been cited as the “Campaigner in Chief.”

    He has also been cited as the ignorer of the precepts and values expressed by our Constitution, as well as, through application of his singular god directed expertise, the creation of his own liberal and all saving version of our Constitution. What evidence do we have for this?

    Again a simple answer. He miss uses “executive privilege,” he miss uses the Executive Branch especially NSA, the IRS and EPA, he demands Congress pass funding without any checks and balances, which are the bases a of precise, concise, lean and an honest budget and a solvent government. He demands legislation under the guise of helping the poor, balancing for the good of all the income structure, giving free health care to the destitute, bring equality to all by overcoming racism, etc. and accomplishing these facets while completely miss using the office to which he was elected. What does this mean?

    In simple words using the Presidency not as an elected position, but as any tyrannical dictator or king would by posturing that it is “his way or the highway, and he does this as if he had a birthright to do such . The inevitable conclusion is this President uses the Presidency to force, dictate and destroy not to lead for the equal benefit of all, especially all the United States Citizens. Why?

    The Why, his and all his cronies especially Eric Holder have set as their goal, is in sequence and systematically to turn this Country into a neutered toothless dog that at its most fierce can only whimper objection. Hence, when in his mind he and his lap dogs, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, etc., succeed, they will have removed the only Country with the motivation and capability to stop the creation of the disaster that would be a One World Governmental Dictatorship. Why do these dumb asses do his bidding?

    One can only concluding that it is their egos,which a running amuck, that insanely drive their power hungry mentality. Reed wont cooperate because it would show his ineptitude. The old adage that say let them think you are inept do open your mouth and confirm it holds for old Harry Boy, and Pelosi is just to dumb to know any different. She thinks she lead her caucus.

    Does she or is there no one a stupid as she to take the heat while the rest try to subvert the US Constitutional process. Who in their right mind would say you have to pass thousands of pages of a Bill to know what is really in it? Only the extremely egotistical, self center and consummately Stupid!

    What does it take to neuter a Country? Although some would say it is to difficult to neuter the United States and they may have had a point, it now, with the path that the Executive Leader (tongue in cheek) and his cronies have us on, is an inevitability. What is that path?

    This answer in words is just all to simple–Economic Collapse! Will this actually do it?

    When thinking this through remember no household, business or government can maintain its strength and independence without solvency, and therefore its influence without sound financial status. Such Status is established upon a solid debt free foundation. Do we have that?

    Just watch any show that presents the vision of our second by second debt increase and you will know that our debt is now so far surpassing our take home income that we will never recover. Why wont we recover?

    Simple–we do not have the income potential, taxable base, to bring in enough funds to even pay the interest on the debt let alone the principle upon which the interest is calculated. This especially true when we see the industrial complex effects of “Obama Care.” Part time workers do have the taxable base to provide even the necessary funds to operate our Government day to day; hence, we have to accelerate our borrowing and exponentially expand our debt. “We must increase our Debt Ceiling or Default! Is it a question of not defaulting or???

    Here to the answer is simple. It is not whether we are going to default or not, it is only a question of when! With this achieve the “Goal?”


    What do you say????

  5. yalvington says:

    What a leader! It’s always everyone else’s fault. For once under your pathetic guidance do something selfless.

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