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"Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers." ~ Isaac Asimov I am a strong, honorable, honest American G-Ma (grandmother), with a great sense of humor (seriously, you need a sense of humor these days!), who loves my country! I am concerned for my grandchildren's future, and the future of the Republic. I am a writer and blogger and my desire is to spread the truth! Welcome to my little corner of the WORLD!


Have you ever had the feeling that everything is upside down, that nothing makes any sense any more. That you have stepped into the Twilight Zone? That is where I am and have been for some time now. I honestly … Continue reading

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President Obama, Where to begin, I am so angry with you I am struggling to find the words that will adequately convey to you the depth of my anger, disgust and repugnance toward you at this moment. How dare you … Continue reading

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I listened to the song, “Grandpa Tel Me Bout the Good Old Days,” by the Judd’s this morning and I cried. I cried because I don’t know how I will explain to my grandbabies that America use to be Free; … Continue reading

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Fighting the Red Queen-Obama

Today the Senate voted on the Cloture to stop the debate on defunding Obamacare; it passed 79-19. Than Harry Reid had the audacity to come to the floor and begin his usual Tea Party bashing, calling Constitutional Conservatives anarchists who … Continue reading

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VERY SAD DAY IN AMERICA: Is it Real or is it Memorex?

Recent news from “The National Report,” states that the President is on the verge or has hand a nervous breakdown. What is so sad and pathetic here in America is that we can no longer tell or trust what is … Continue reading

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Common Core: Dumbing Down Society; Communisms 17th Goal toward Indoctrination

Okay, so the majority of us should know by now what Common Core is; for those of you still in the dark (Shame on you!), let me bring you up to speed. According to the Common Core, ASCD website it … Continue reading

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On his radio show Glenn Beck asked a very good question, which we’ll get to in a moment. For the past five years and 9 months now, we have watched as the President of the United States of America Barack … Continue reading

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