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My Sister told me about a song I just had to hear; the song would move me when I heard it, so she posted the song to my FB wall, and sent me a PM to let me know… After … Continue reading

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Recently there has been an article floating around Facebook entitled: “HHS Website Gives Little Girls Info on Masturbation, Birth control, Gay & Anal Sex.”  Repulsive I know; it seems to me that our society has sunk into the depths of … Continue reading

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NOTE from the Author: This is an excerpt from the book I am currently working on, it is a work in progress. I hope you find some merit, and value in the subject matter, I welcome your feedback. When we … Continue reading

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Short Excerpt From My Book…

Many people do not realize that America is not a Democracy that America is in fact a Republic. So what is the difference you may be thinking to yourself? There is a huge difference. A Democracy although elected by the … Continue reading

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