obama_trayvon_martin_35_years_ago_race_speechThe movie WAG The DOG is about a spin-doctor and a Hollywood producer who join efforts to fabricate a war, in order to cover up a presidential sex scandal.

Consider for a moment President Obama’s Like O’meter in the country, and indeed around the world. On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is “I Can’t stand the man, he is a total degradation to the office of the Presidency” and 10 being, “I adore the man, he walks on Water and is the second coming of Christ.” Obama’s reading is coming in around -10 for the majority of the country (those individuals who do NOT drink the Kool-Aid), and around 4 for his once faithful followers. It remains 10 for the Progressives/communists; as they are merely inches away from gaining their wildest dream and fantasy, the total destruction of The United States of America and are willing to do anything necessary to assure victory.

To most of you I may sound like a Conspiracy Theorist or a complete loon. But bear with me for a moment. Since December 2010, when the first scandal, Fast and Furious exploded onto the scene, where a federal operation dubbed Fast and Furious allowing weapons from the U.S. to pass into the hands of gun smugglers, in hope of being traced back to the upper echelons of the Mexican drug Cartels. The ATF which ran the operation lost track of these firearms, which resulted in the fatal shooting of a Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry in December of 2010. Then Benghazi on September 11th 2012, where four American’s including Ambassador Stevens were brutally murdered, by Al-Qaeda backed rebels; and while two ex-Navy SEALS fought for 7 horrible hours against fearful odds, waiting for relief that was ordered not to go (Obama refused the CBA) by the President, who then went back to bed so he was well rested to attend a Vegas fund-raiser the following day. Now throw into this already fire storm of scandals, the NSA spying, prosecution of whistleblowers, wiretapping of journalists, the torture program as well as the Benghazi cover-up and Fast and Furious, and you have a presidency severely crippled if not about to crumble.

We know his strong ties with the Hollywood elite, the movers and shakers of Corporate America, and the Muslim Brotherhood. So how does a man, with a history of pathological lying, passing the buck, and who places the blame on other people and situations rather than accept full responsibility for his own mistakes, get out from under this collapsing presidency? Wag The Dog!  Yes, let us manufacture, let us engineer an international crisis, one in which Obama can appear as the savior, one in which Obama can come out smelling like roses, the international leader who with reason, considered thoughtfulness and delicacy was able to divert the beginning of a World War!  Oh, how diabolical, oh how deliciously fiendish! I know, you think I’ve lost the plot, I’m completely crackers. Okay, so let’s presume for a moment shall we, that I have completely lost the plot and I am indeed crackers. You cannot tell me, that with hand on heart, you did not think OMG, this could be possible. Can you say with all honesty that you have not thought about this yourself, that this man is capable of just about anything?

Some believe that he is far too stupid to pull anything as elaborate as this off, but I beg to differ, I do not for one moment believe that Obama is a stupid man; foolish, imprudent, narcissistic, self-absorbed, pompous, arrogant, come to mind, but not stupid. Remember Obama went to bed, to rest up for his Vegas Fund raising trip and to hob nob with the Hollywood elite, while 4 Americans fought for their lives in Benghazi! As such, I believe this man to be capable of just about anything.

So let’s say he did not devise, a Wag The Dog situation to make himself look the hero (even if within his own mind), what does it say about our country, that the majority of us are sitting out here in our kitchens, in our living rooms, our bedrooms, on our decks discussing with family and friends the very real possibility of our President and our government to construct a Wag The Dog situation?

So, just how far-fetched is the possibility? I ask you to simply consider the evidence before you, to connect the dots, and see where they lead you.  In the meantime enjoy the show.

By A.K. Robson

Copyright © 2013

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The_Gates_of_Hell_3_by_rorshach13I have remained very silent about Syria, and what is happening. First because I am trying to listen to all sides and come to a reasonable and informed decision about this God awful mess. However, as each day passes I find myself becoming more and more angry at my government and elected officials whom I have entrusted my most sacred  and valuable treasures on earth, the lives and futures of my children and my grandchildren.

While they sit in their ivory towers, arguing whether or not it is reasonable to send our troops into the depths of hell, using as their excuse, the use of chemical weapons which we know were used in 2012 and Obama did nothing. So trust me my friend, it is an excuse, there is NOTHING reasonable being discussed behind those closed doors, other than Obama’s ability to “Save Face,” with the international community, and to give the Syrian Rebels (Radical Islamists) and the Muslim Brotherhood the ability to gain a stronger foot hold in the country.

There is nothing altruistic here; there is no care or concern for the “poor little children,” which Obama continually harangues about. There is no concern here for the innocent Christian men women and children, who are being murdered and chased from their homes and indeed their country on a daily basis by these radical Islamists, Habhat Al-Nusra and other radical Muslims groups. WND reports that “The Free Syrian Army, is also known to be funded by the Saudi Arabian government and has several offices in Washington D.C. for the purpose of lobbying support from American politicians.”  What in the hell is going on here? http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/syrians-warn-west-about-dangerous-allies/

SYRIAN CUTTING MANS HEART OUTWho are we, who have we become; are we as a country, as a people, really funding and backing the very individuals responsible for the tragic strike on 9/11/2001!? Have we completely lost our principles, our values and our morals that we are now standing behind and supporting the very people who after killing an enemy, cut the heart from their chest, eat it and then upload the video onto YouTube for the entire world to see!? Are we so lost, and have we descended so low, that we are supplying weapons and ammunition to the very individuals who attacked our CIA Annex and brutally murdered Ambassador Stevens and three other fine, decent Americans!?

Have we lost all sense of right and wrong, that we cannot see the truth when it is staring us in the face, screaming open your eyes, see the signs! That we ignore the Harbingers, the warnings so clearly placed before us?

Children-of-SyriaThere is no concern here for the innocents who are trapped with no way out, their voices drowned out by a thousand other’s screaming “Allah Akbar,” as they murder innocent Christian men, and then take the Christian women for themselves, raping them and then forcing them into lives of slavery and servitude; as they scream “Allah Akbar,” putting their hands on cars, that car is now theirs!  These Syrian rebels we are supporting have brought fatwa to the country, and with this, they are able to marry 3-year-old girls, 6-year-old girls, and 9-year-old girls? A woman interviewed by WND, asked; “What kind of people you are supporting?”  She goes on to say: “Those people are the destroyers of humanity; they are against the rights of women. So how can you as a free country support the people who are killing women, who are killing half of the society and innocent children?” http://www.wnd.com/2013/09/syrians-warn-west-about-dangerous-allies/

Syrian-Rebels-620x357Who are we; that we would pay homage to these people; that we would offer any support whatsoever to these people? Where is our humanity? I hear the argument that we cannot allow these people to use chemical weapons against innocent women and children, but where was Obama when chemical weapons were used against the Syrian people in 2012? Where was the president then? There is documented evidence of Bashar al-Assad using chemical weapons against his people on 15 separate occasions since 2012, and yet, now all of a sudden, it is not acceptable?  Pray tell, what makes this gas attack worse than the 15 previous attacks used on innocent men, women and yes children? Are we really going to use the argument that the proof of these previous gas attacks were not as overwhelming as the gas-attack of July 2013!  Seriously, this is what will make a strike on Syria okay this is what we will use to justify our actions; to justify opening the gates of hell on the world!  http://nypost.com/2013/08/30/assad-gassed-syria-15-times-since-2012-us-weighing-strike-options/

What makes the gas attacks worse than chopping off the heads of Christians? What makes a gas attack worse than burning them alive?  What makes gas attacks worse than the genital mutilation of innocent women and children? What makes gas attacks worse than lining up people and shooting them in the head? What makes gas attack worse than stripping women naked and hanging them on a cross because they are Coptic Christians? Tell me, please help me to understand what makes any form of murder and torture worse than another? Please help me understand, because from my living room couch, it all looks the same to me, murder of innocent men, women and children looks the same to me no matter what damn method is used!!

This has nothing to do with the use of chemical weapons, nothing! This has everything to do with power, and political gain and footing in the region. This has everything to do with our presidents extremely strong connections and ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Arab Nations, who is more than happy to Bear the cost of a Military strike in Syria! According to MSN News; “Arab nations have offered to help pay for any US military intervention in Syria, Secretary of State John Kerry told lawmakers Wednesday as he sought support for missiles strikes.  With respect to Arab countries offering to bear the cost and to assist, the answer is profoundly yes, they have. That offer is on the table,’ Kerry said as he appeared before a House of Representatives panel.” http://arabia.msn.com/news/world/2063418/arab-nations-offered-to-pay-for-syria-strike-kerry/

RUSSIA WARSHIPS IN SYRIAInnocent people are dying on a daily basis in Syria, and more will die, if America goes forward with this military strike. Already, Russia is lining up warships in the east Mediterranean; according to Reuters, “President Vladimir Putin has said the naval presence is needed to protect national security interests and is not a threat to any nation.” However Putin has made it quite clear that he will retaliate if necessary.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/08/29/us-syria-crisis-russia-navy-idUSBRE97S0AK20130829

Iran has chimed in, and has threatened to respond with force after any such U.S. strike on Syria. The United States intelligence intercepted a message stating this from the Iranian General Qasem Soleimani, the head of the Revolutionary Guard’s elite Quds Force. http://www.policymic.com/articles/62485/iran-threatens-retaliation-for-u-s-strike-on-syria

Iran Threatens RetaliationAccording to Breitbart’s Wynton Hall; “A Thursday State Department alert warned against traveling to Iraq, citing terrorist activity “at levels unseen since 2008.” He goes on to report that , “on Friday, the U.S. State Department ordered nonessential U.S. diplomats to evacuate Lebanon over concerns of a possible attack by Hezbollah on the U.S. Embassy in Beirut. U.S. citizens in Lebanon have also been urged to get out. U.S. diplomats in Adana, Turkey have also been pulled out.”  http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/09/06/Iran-Orders-Revenge-Attack-On-U-S-Embassy-In-Iraq

If this is not bad enough, if this is not enough to make one take pause, step back and give serious thought and very careful consideration to their decision to send a military strike on Syria, than perhaps Iran’s most recent threat, coming from the former governor of southern Iran’s Kish province, Aliresa Forghani, who threw down the gauntlet last week with he stated: “Hopefully Obama will be pigheaded enough to attack Syria, and then we will see the … loss of US interests [through terrorist attacks],” he threatened. “In just 21 hours [after the attack on Syria], a family member of every US minister [department secretary], US ambassadors, US military commanders around the world will be abducted. And then 18 hours later, videos of their amputation will be spread [around the world].”

It is important to note here that Forghani is an analyst and a strategy specialist in the supreme leader’s camp and he is closely aligned with Mehdi Taeb, who is the head of the regime’s Ammar Strategic Base, which just so happens to be a radical think tank, which means this man, speaks with the blessings of the Islamic regime! Oh deep joy! http://freedomoutpost.com/2013/09/iran-threatens-mass-abductions-killing-americans-obama-strikes-syria/#y059IHBcsr3mqrXK.99

For those of you too young to remember, a similar situation took place in 1984, with CIA station Chief William Buckley was abducted in Beirut and later killed by Hezbollah on Iran’s order. A video tape was dropped off at the U.S. Embassy in Athens to which former CIA Director William Casey described what he saw in the video as; “They had done more than ruin his body, His eyes made it clear his mind had been played with. It was horrific, medieval and barbarous.” http://www.catholic.org/international/international_story.php?id=52300

These threats have not given the U.S. the caveat, of we will only retaliate if you put boots on the ground, or we will only retaliate if the strike lasts longer than so many hours or so many days. No, these threats have made it quite clear, “any strike” on Syria will be met with severe consequences and loss of many, many innocent lives!

China WarshipsNow to add to the already intense situation, we welcome China into the unfolding drama. Yes, China has sent Warships and 1000 Marines to Syria, accusing the United States of lying about Syria and ignoring International Laws.  http://investmentwatchblog.com/china-accuses-the-u-s-of-lying-about-syria-and-says-u-s-ignoring-international-laws-china-sends-warships-to-syria-joining-russian-warships-in-mediterranean-sea/

bay-of-pigs-invasion-source This Syrian Crisis makes the Bay of Pigs look like a pic nick in the park, a cake walk. President Obama is willing to open the gates of hell on humanity, for what, to save his pride, to save face, with the international community which already looks upon him as a weak and feckless leader. Where is the man who campaigned on bringing our troops home? Where is the so-called reasonable, measured, man? In five years I have yet to see such a man. Well the Nobel Peace Prize winner, actually pull the trigger and launch the world into WWIII?

Pope_Francis_leads_Eucharistic_Adoration_at_St_Peters_Basilica_on_June_2_2013_Credit_Alan_Holdren_CNA_4_CNA_Vatican_Catholic_News_6_3_13As a Catholic, I cannot separate myself from my religious beliefs, for it makes up the fabric of who I am as a person. Pope Francis urged the Group of 20 leaders on Thursday to abandon the “futile pursuit” of military action in Syria, and laid out the Vatican’s case for negotiated settlement that would guarantee rights for all Syrians, including minority Christians. Pope Francis is hosting a peace vigil in St. Peter’s Square today, in hopes his message of peace will be heard throughout the world. It is the first time any such peace rally has been held at the Vatican. Holy See officials have stressed that the vigil is a religious event not a political protest.  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/05/pope-francis-syria_n_3872435.html

So today I will pray that my President rethinks his stance on the use of military force on Syria. That he will step back and think about the far-reaching implications, and consequences of his actions. That for once, he will think about someone other than himself and his own wants needs and desires. And if my President cannot step up to the plate, and use caution and carefulness in this present crisis, I pray that Congress will have the courage to stand up to Obama and tell him NO, we will not sanction another military strike that will lead us and indeed the world to the Gates of Hell!


By: A.K. Robson

Copyright © 2013

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Greater love hath no man than this; that a man lay down his life for his friends. (John 15:13)

GeoffyWhat can I say about my brother Geoff, affectionately known as Geoffey, Sefford (mom’s nick name for him) and “Boy.”  When he was little, and mom was irritated with him she would holler, “Boy, get over here!” Well my younger sister Erica, who was just a toddler at the time, thought that was his name, and so she referred to him as “Boy,” and the ongoing family joke ever since has been, that he answered to it! Geoff is a typical younger brother, as children he bugged the hell out of his three sisters and to be honest still does from time to time. But Geoff has an amazing sense of humor and can have you in stitches telling you stories of his youth, and experiences growing up in the Suiter’s Clan. He is the life of any party always drawing a crowd wherever he goes and can be generous to a fault. It’s a family trait, as growing up, we did not bring home stray animals as most kids did, we brought home stray kids; friends whose parents had kicked them out of the house, were brought into the “Suiter’s Clan,” and made honorary members of the clan.

How many times have you read the above passage in the Bible and thought to yourself, “Who would do such a thing?” Who would lay down their life for a friend? Yes, we know that our Military Services men and women do this every day on the front lines; they lay down their lives for their compatriots and to keep us safe in our beds, and for that we are forever grateful.  But how many of us would honestly sacrifice our lives for a friend in need? How many of us would be willing to go under the knife and literally give a piece of ourselves to a friend?

Well, this is precisely what my younger brother did for his friend, Dr. Greg Sarka. On Tuesday September 3rd, my brother William Geoffrey Suiters (sometimes referred to as “W,” by his good friends) underwent surgery to donate his left kidney to his long-time friend Greg, who has been battling Kidney disease for years.

A bit of background information on the “Geoff and Greg story,” behind the kidney donation, provided graciously by my sister-in-law Jennifer Suiters:

Sarka Family 2005In 1998, Greg, Sue and RJ Sarka (their son who was a toddler at the time) moved from California to Pittsburgh so Greg could pursue his MD in Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh.  Greg, Sue and RJ settled on a nice colonel house next to Geoff and Jen’s in the friendly East Pittsburgh suburb of Blackridge. It was not long before Geoff and Greg became good friends.

Their friendship began as fierce lawn competitors, each trying to outdo the other with a better yard, the typical new neighbor fun!  Geoff and Greg frequently compared notes on the tools of their trades, the dental drill vs. the carpentry drill, noting they were not that different, dentist and carpenter, and they became good friends.

The Sarka’s second child, Madison, was born a few years later and as the years went by Geoff and Jen continued to enjoy the entire Sarka family, spending many evenings at the Sarka’s back deck enjoying barbecuing, family holidays and life as 30 and 40 something’s.

DR and CarpenterAll during his life, unfortunately Greg has been carrying a genetic disorder which eventually has caused kidney failure and he has been on dialysis, a process which requires a complete filtration of your entire blood supply several times a week.  Due to the genetic disorder, siblings and other relatives were ruled out, but Geoff had the gift of life; O positive blood, and  an excellent health record.

Eight years earlier, before Greg and his family moved to Portland Main, Geoff and Jen found out about the debilitating disease Greg was enduring, Geoff made a promise at time that he would donate his kidney to Greg.

When my brother telephoned to tell me his news, I was speechless; I mean really what do you say to that? “Oh well done, or Congratulations?”  I mean it’s not like he called to tell me he got a new job, or that he won the lotto!  No my brother was calling to inform me that he would be undergoing major surgery for 8 hours to donate his left kidney to a friend; a surgery which is considerably more challenging and life threatening to the donor than to the recipient. These are they kind of stories you read about in books or in the paper, but you never expect that you will be so close to something so wonderful, so moving and so selfless. Transplant surgery is a miracle; it saves someone else’s life, that is astonishingly wonderful and remarkable and that is what my little brother has done! He has selflessly given of himself to save the life of a friend.

I told my brother how very proud I am of him for what he is doing and what a blessing he is for Greg and his family, to make such a selfless gesture, what a hero, he was to me.

Geoff and GregHowever, my brother does not see it that way. He sees his friend Greg as the real hero; a man who has accomplished so much, all while battling such a devastating disease. Never complaining, never giving up or giving in. Never immersed in self-pity or defeatism, Greg soldiered on reaching for and accomplishing his dreams. To my brother, his friend is the champion in this story he is merely helping out a good friend. He told me he “could not live with himself knowing he had the ability to help and did nothing,” so Geoff, in his quiet stoic way, underwent all the necessary tests to see if he was a good candidate. Because with Kidney donations, it is not as much about being a perfect genetic match as it is about being in good physical health. Had Geoff passed even one kidney stone; that would have been a deal breaker, and prevented my brother from being a viable donor. God works in mysterious ways, and has divine plans for us all. He brought these two men together 15 years ago, and on Tuesday, my brother gave the gift of life to his friend Greg.

To me, my brother is a Hero, a man of honor and dignity; with a heart of gold, a man I admire and look up to with pride and love.  I love ya Geoffy!

Give generously to him and do so without a grudging heart; then because of this the Lord your God will bless you in all your work and in everything you put your hand to. (Deuteronomy 15:10)


 Editor’s NOTE: Both Geoff and Greg came though the surgery fine, and the kidney my brother donated,  is already functioning in Greg!  Praise God!


By: A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013







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A Disrespectful ObamaOn Sunday, a photo of President Obama with his foot on the Oval Office desk was released, and the reaction was not what the White House expected. They thought he looked “cool” standing there on the phone with his foot on the Oval Office desk, making a “gun” gesture with his right hand. Oh isn’t that just so cool, Mr. President, aren’t you just the dude, the man, aren’t you just all that! http://www.bizpacreview.com/2013/09/02/caption-this-wh-thought-this-disgraceful-photo-was-cool-82609

Here is a man who gets his knickers in a twist if he is not shown the respect due the Office he holds, a man who show’s his anger and displeasure at the slightest little tease or heckle. And yet, he does not show the office in which he holds the same respect, dignity, or honor which he is demanding from the rest of us. Never mind that for the most part, respect is earned. We all know that the office of the President is to be respected. Let me say that again; the “Office of the President,” is to be respected. You can respect the Office and NOT respect the individual occupying the office, which happens to be the case for this writer.

How many times growing up were you told by your parents, “get your feet off the table!” You sat down to watch some television, and you put your feet on the coffee table, and mom or dad shouted for the umpteenth time, “Get your feet off the table!” It was disrespectful. My mother would say, “Were you raised in a barn!” That was my mother’s way of letting you know she did not condone what you were doing, or how you were behaving. She likened putting your feet on the table to being raised in a barn, being raised without manners, without couth, without dignity, honor or class.

To some it may seem petty to become angered by a seemingly silly gesture. However I would argue that if the President of the United States, the highest office in the land, and perhaps in the world, does not show the slightest respect for the office he is holding, how on earth does he expect anyone else to show the office any respect?

What message is he sending to our youth? That this behavior is acceptable, that it’s just a desk for crying out loud, no big deal, right!?

resolute-desk-235xp92No, it’s not “JUST,” a desk. It is referred to as “The Resolute desk;” a nineteenth-century partners desk, which was often chosen by presidents of the United States for use in the White House, Oval Office as the Oval Office Desk.

The Resolute desk was a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes, in 1880 and was built from the timbers of the British Arctic Exploration ship Resolute.

INSCRIPTION ON RESOLUTE DESKDuring his presidency, Franklin Roosevelt had a small door built for the gap to prevent people from seeing his wheelchair. Many presidents have used the desk in different locations throughout the White House since President Hayes, but it was Jackie Kennedy who first brought the desk into the Oval Office in 1961 for her husband, President John f. Kennedy to use. The Resolute desk has only been removed from the White House once and that was after the assassination of President Kennedy in 1963, when President Johnson allowed the desk to go on a traveling exhibition with the Kennedy Presidential Library.

After the exhibition, it was on display at the Smithsonian Institution until President Jimmy Carter brought the desk back to the Oval Office, where it was used by Presidents Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and is currently in use by President Barack Obama. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Resolute_desk

JOHN F. KENNEDY RES DESKThis desk comes with a rich history, one in which our current President seems to have little or NO respect for whatsoever. We all remember fondly the picture of President John F. Kennedy sat at the desk and his son John Jr. crouched underneath.

This is just one more of many outwardly signs from this man, on just how little respect he has for this country, and her rich heritage and frankly the vast majority of American’s are well are truly over it. We have sat back and watched this man chip away at our Constitution, disregard the Rule of Law, bypass Congress at every opportunity, disrespect and disregard his “Oath of his Office,” disrespect and degrade our greatest allies, make a mockery of the office of the Presidency and now this!

(c) Beverley Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue FoundationI have to agree with the individual who said; “Get you damn foot off the people’s desk!” But I would add to that, “Were you raised in a BARN!?”

By: A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013

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If They Can, Why Can’t I?

Writing-writing-31275199-1500-1004I belong to an organization called “Woman At Woodstock,” where women gather together lift one another up, gather resources, knowledge, connections, and support from women. Today they are holding their First “Blog Hop,” an interactive conversation among like-minded women. They have given us a question to answer:

What Were You Thinking When You Decided to Go For Something Big?

So  what was I thinking when I decided to write my first book, and start my own blog. I was thinking, if they can, why can’t I. So who is the they? They is the women who inspire me, such as Michelle Malkin, Megan Kelly, Ann Coulter, and yes, you guessed it, Sarah Palin! If these woman could write books and share their thoughts with the world, why couldn’t I?

After the election of Barrack Obama, and watching the direction he was taking the country, I found myself writing about my discontent and my frustration on my FB page. I opened a group called Journal of a Conservative G-Ma, because after all, that is precisely what I am, a conservative G-Ma; made sense to me. So I began sharing my thoughts with others, putting it out there, and before I knew it, my little corner of the world began to grow. More and more like-minded people sent me friend requests as my little essays were shared with others on their FB walls. It was my Aunt and my older Sister who encouraged me to write, and to author a book. At first I thought these two women had lost their minds, I’m not a writer, I’m a social worker and an artist, but most definitely not a writer. Then I had a close female friend on FB, Christine who I admired and looked up to echo what my aunt and my sis had been saying. Why is it that we are more prone to listen to someone other than a family member? A good question for another time.

keyboardAfter many, many prompts, and well, a good kick in the pants, I finally began to take my blogging and my writing a bit more seriously and my fan club as it were began to grow, until I was finally published on another blog site. I know, it does not seem like much, but to me, it was everything; someone else actually liked what I wrote, so much so, that they wanted to post my article/essay on their personal blog; I was well pleased. I then became a regular contributor to that blog site, until I took a leap of faith and started my own blog, separate and independent from Facebook. It was a leap of faith, and always that little voice in the back of my head saying, “If they can, why can’t I?” Like the little Red engine, I kept saying, I think I can; I think I can, as I inch up what seems to be an insurmountable mountain; and 681 followers later, I am still going strong.

10179_296739960463413_309056220_nI received my next accolade when I was invited to write for The Life and Liberty Group, which is a conservative and Christian based media group. To someone who has never written professionally, is not a bonafide journalist, or author I sometimes stand back in awe and amazement. Having said that, I come from a family of strong women, my mother raised her girls to believe we could do anything we put our minds to, that the sky was the limit. So my mother was my first role model, the first woman in my life who showed me all the possibilities that life had to offer anyone willing to step out in faith. Although my mother is no longer with us, I know she is smiling down from heaven at her little girl, cheering me on. My older sister and my younger sister are now my earthly cheer leaders, and I continue to pursue a new path in my life’s journey, that of writer and author. Where it will lead me to, I haven’t a clue. All I know is I am loving the journey and the experience. So remember that no matter where you are in life, how old you are, each day is a brand new day, with a fresh new canvas which you can paint your dreams upon.

Oh and I have completed Chapter One of my Book…. how exciting.

By A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013

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pic_giant_060713_SM_Barack-Obama-The-All-Seeing-StateAs we are all glued to our televisions awaiting Obama’s decision on when he will make his military “strike across the bow” at Syria, Overpasses To Impeach Obama is gaining steam. Like a locomotive it making its way across the county, from coast to coast, reminding motorist about Benghazi, Extortion 17, Seal Team 6, Fast and Furious, and all the many scandals in between that pledge this presidency. Like a cancer Obama and his progressive gang of reprobates continue to ignore the Constitution, the Rule of Law, and side step Congress at every opportunity. Obamacare is already sucking the life force out of an already collapsing economy, with unemployment in the 14.5% range despite Obama’s phony numbers and cooking of the books. American’s are beyond fed up, they are angry and have had enough of this man’s endless pursuit to Fundamentally Transform America. http://news.yahoo.com/on-syria–obama-says-eyeing-%E2%80%98shot-across-the-bow%E2%80%99-222156121.html

One of my good FB pals,  Passionate Pachyderms has put together this wonderful Video Diary of the Overpasses to Impeach Obama, chronicling the movement, with this special message to those involved in the movement:  


ATTENTION ALL OVERPASS PARTICIPANTS>>> THIS ONE’S FOR YOU!!*** PP~Fast moving, take no prisoners catalog of Overpasses to Impeach Obama’s Patriots who have had enough and aren’t going to take it anymore! Entertaining, and Impactful, this video makes you want to get to work on your sign, reserve your nearest overpass, and join the movement! Come on, What are you waiting for? Another Fantastic Passionate Pachyderm Production! PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG TO ALL FRIENDS AND GROUPS TO HELP IT BE SEEN!”

Here is the Video, enjoy, and please consider joining the movement to stop this maniacal megalomaniac from putting the final death knell in our Republic! God Bless you ~PP you ROCK my friend!


By A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013

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Obama.149e8f5fcf1b4c9ca420fc7216f0422cSo why hasn’t Impeachment proceedings begun yet, that is the burning question. I have found myself becoming more and more frustrated by the Congress seemingly dragging their feet on this issue. Many times I have found myself shouting at the television or my FB page “Why doesn’t Congress do their bloody job!” 

I have written two articles pointing out numerous reasons to impeach this tyrannical despot, Where Was The Commander-n-Chief For 8 Hours? A Case for Maladministration, followed by Articles of Impeachment Against a Tyrannical Despot: What Will We Say To The Next Generation?

The first article questioning where the Commander-in-Chief was for 8 hours, gives the Congress two well-defined Articles of Impeachment; still nothing, not a peep from Congress. I open my second article with the fact that a conservative black citizens group has filed lengthy and detailed articles of impeachment against Barack Obama, citing his administrations NSA spying, prosecution of whistleblowers, wiretapping of journalists, the torture program as well as the Benghazi cover-up. Still quiet on Capitol Hill, what is going on, have the individuals in Congress completely and totally lost the plot!?

impeach_overpass4The “Overpasses for Obama’s Impeachment” movement has begun to mount across the nation as more and more people are fed up with this tyrannical despot and his continual decimation and destruction of our Constitution. This movement has grown so much so that they now have their own dedicated web page at Overpasses.org. http://www.wnd.com/2013/08/movement-to-impeach-obama-snowballing/

People are despondent and irate about Obama and his strangle hold on our country. More and more people are getting up off their couches and getting involved. Yet, still silence from the halls of Congress on beginning the Impeachment proceedings. Why?  There is a very good reason; we don’t have enough votes in the Senate. Yes it is just that simple. If we tried to impeach Obama now, we would fail, what are the chances that Harry Reid would even bring this to the floor for a vote. Think about it, when was the last time we had a balanced budget?  Right!  We haven’t since Barrack Obama took office some 5 years ago. We would not win, and we would be made to look like the fools and it would be yet another death knell in the conservatives’ coffin. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/08/20/ted-cruz-answers-a-burning-conservative-question-on-obama-why-dont-we-impeach-him/

So what do we do?  We win in 2014 and in 2016. We run Conservative Tea Party candidates, individuals like Ted Cruz, Tery Gowdy and Mike Lee and we push back against the GOP establishment, folks like Carl Rove, John Boehner, Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell. It is critically important that we take the Senate and retain the House in the 2014 mid-term elections, and I can promise you that Obama’s ground game is already in full swing, so if we are going to accomplish this, and have the votes to Impeach this Tyrannical Despot, and get rid of ObamaCare, then we MUST win in 2014, and win BIG!

So keep pushing back, do not rest on your laurels the fight is just getting started. Just like a runner prepares for a long distance run we must stretch those muscles, and get out there daily and pound the pavement. Now is the time to get our ground game in full swing, now is the time to keep the goal in plain view.

“We’re gonna go inside, we’re gonna go outside, inside and outside. We’re gonna get ’em on the run, boys, and once we get ’em on the run, we’re gonna keep ’em on the run. And then we’re gonna go go go go go go and we’re not gonna stop ’til we get across that goal line. This is a team they say is… is good. Well, I think we’re better than them. They can’t lick us, so what do you say, men?” ~ Rudy

By A.K. Robson

Copyright 2013

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